Welcome To TKP *The Kitty Pages*

Greetings and Welcome,

I have seen places come and go throughout my time with KittyCatS!. Even this one is not immune to the passage of time and change. Like many the interest peaks then fades. Mostly due to interest I think. So while I won’t set this site up as a main go to place. I will set it up with things I notice and see happening as a way to learn and understand all about our furry little pixel kitties. Just keep in mind that everyone has their opinions and that includes me. Mine can change on a dime and give change for a quarter sometimes. It’s not that my beliefs change but someone or somewhere new information was learned and my view of it changed. I am more than willing to discuss change but I will not argue about it. It’s mine and no one has the right to tell me how to thing or what to do. I guess that is my object to give as much information as I can then let you decide what to do with it.

As I come back into do my thing with my fur babies. I plan to post a few guides on setting up and getting a cattery started as well as my process on breeding. Now not everyone breeds the same. You will find a lot of diversity for sure. The number one (#1) rule is that breeding KittyCatS! does not make you lindens. Sure you might once in awhile see a return to your investment, BUT don’t count on it. They are like hobbies, put the time and effort into it and enjoy. If you look to make lindens on breeding then you will be disappointed. BIG TIME! At the very best you’ll break even as to what you buy for food, milk (if used), and kitten boxes or collector boxes. What a lot don’t see is that the person that has the ‘newest’ trait usually has 200+ cats breeding to drop that one box. Even others invest real life money on collection boxes for a small return in world.

What I’m saying is have fun with it. Do it for the enjoyment and don’t put into it what you don’t want to. Now if you have the time and patience or even other venue ideas for making some linden we’ll proceed into doing our foray into breeding.