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Greetings and salutations to All!!!

Welcome and thanks for visiting us her on the Kitty Pages. Now in no way is the going to be a substitute for actual experience. More like to put together some research and lay the cards on the table so to speak about the breeding myths to breedable KittyCats.

If you haven’t meet these adorable little cuties then you should take note. They are simply the best breedable to have as a pet or be involved in the actual breeding of them. The community is awesome and you can virtually ask anyone and they are willing to help out.

Now I don’t profess to know the whole facts and certainly am not an expert on them. I do know teaching and training tools however and want to share my knowledge and give a visual to some of the common misinterpretations about these cute little kritters.

So this is to tell you a little bit about what is going on around here and the goals I hope to accomplish with this site.

First let me introduce myself and a little background history that comes into play. In Second Life (SL) my name is Serena Stroikavskoi. For the longest time I couldn’t really see the point, the lag was bad and you actually had to pay to use it. I had joined because of The Sims (old online game) and some people who wanted to bring it back and was using SL to promote it. So I transferred my character from that platform to SL and really started to get into it, the people there were so helpful in showing me around.

Then I found the breedable market and though I still didn’t log on everyday I was around enough to get use to things. I got involved with another breedable and just played due to the time they needed and consumption of resources. It seemed like it never ended, kinda like some people I know.

Then I discovered KittyCats around late July and early August of 2011, which is ironic that I remember seeing the sign up for the beta testers somewhere. But once I had one it really is like the saying “Cats are like potato chips, you can’t stop at one” because I had to have the second, then the third, and so on. It wasn’t long at all before I had a cattery without even realizing it. From there as they say it’s history and still being written.

I’m the type of person who stays in the background mostly and make things work. I have searched, seen post, and even watched the chat groups to learn what I do know about these adorable little virtual critters. I have done several other breedable, however I must say these little kitties beat the pants off the others. While others can become just the same old thing, these little guys and gals seem to have a personality all there own. Without getting into to much technical details they have such a random of actions that you will be pleased at the pet friendly way they go about their day. That has made me want to learn all I can about them.

Since I’m the type that learns more from reading than anything. The documents that are out there make perfect sense to me and I have learned a lot from them. Now when you go to put that knowledge into practice you have a whole new set of rules to go by. So to clarify things I sought answers to my questions about what does what mean and how something is determined by visual means. There comes into play a new ballgame, as some of the answers I took with a grain of salt and ended up with a salt mine. So my number one questions was ‘who’ to ask and was it the right answer. I searched online information, blogs, and even lurked in the chat groups seeing what everyone had to say. If you’ve done the same then you’ll know what I found, even more confusion.

Everyone has a method to the madness and a theory on how it goes. They even be more than happy to tell you too, which is why I love this community. They are so friendly and willing to help. The issue is everyone is so willing to help you have more questions than answers and they all are different.

And then an idea was born!

Awhile ago I ran across the mentor group. I thought what a great idea, so I read through the thread and even more questions came to mine. However one little problem plagues this group is that there is more people that wants to learn than be a teacher. Reminds me of the school issues we have now. Then the idea came to me when I asked myself how I can help, though I’m not always 100% accurate I have other skills. One of them is if I don’t know the answer I will find out what that answer truly is.

Here we are now, I am setting up the system to learn at your own pace. See what you read in print on a visual basis. That way you can apply what you learn to what’s in practice.

Sincerely, Serena Stroikavskoi

If you need to reach me you can send me an IM in-world, notecard preferably. Also you can use the contact form below.

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