One of the very reasons for this site is because of the help and resources I have received from the community of the KittyCats Addicts Group in Second Life. I’ve learned so much from group by just lurking in chat and every once in awhile asking some questions. You won’t find a more friendly group. Thank you.

Now to contribute back a little maybe . I’m building this site for anyone to use in reference to the care and breeding of the KittyCats breedables available in Second Life. If you don’t know what that’s all about, you really should find out. They are so adorable and well done you would be amazed. For those that have discovered these babies here we will help in the upkeep as pets and in breeding them. With tips on making informed decisions you can be the proud owner of one very special kitty or a dozen special kitties. Yes I’m human so some with be my personal opinion but like anything I do I try to lay out what the options are and let you decide. I have just started a journey on a project and will be keeping a blog about it as well as basing some Breeding Articles using them as some visual aides on the process of breeding.

Some of the first topics that will be going up is the gene factor. See what is fact and what is not. Discussion can be opened up in the forums as well on what everyone has an opinion on. For now I have gotten the project rolling along and will spend the next few weeks getting together some articles and once they are proofed posted up to start with.